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Sweet Memories of You

I never knew a fun, wild moment would transform into a sweet beautiful moment. The way you made me feel was incredible.  It was a raining evening I was all alone in my hotel room so I decided to go on Facebook and there your name was popping up on the list of people I may know, crazy it was the first time seeing it so I decided to sent you a friend request and slide into your DM and you responded so fast. We chatted for hours and you were working a night shift. We exchanged numbers that night I had you on my mind.

The next day I woke up to a text from you, you had a way with words which I loved. Using the oldest line in the book you asked if I had movies on my laptop and next thing you were at my hotel room with the biggest smile on your face, my eyes met yours and you could tell I was nervous but you found a way pass my nervousness and shyness.

Your voice was music to my ears and your lips were like a piece of chocolate cake waiting for me to take a bite.

We talked for a couple of hours and lost track of time. You ended up spending the night what an in tense night it was.

With every kiss I wanted more of you I wanted all of you for myself, we took our time exploring each others bodies. We discovered each others pleasure points. It was a beautiful wild night and waking up to you in my arms was the best. Your jokes about taking the walk of shame was really funny.

You were back again at my room the next evening which was my last one in Windhoek and you made it incredibly special. We promise to stay in touch with a distance of 500 KM between us.

You call me every day and we never ran out of things to talk or say to each other. We allow each other to see beneath the layers. Your texts were the highlight of my day.

We started to date, it was so unbelievable how we made the distance seem like nothing.

I went to visit you for a weekend and it was fun at first we had a great night of making love, your body melted into mine.

Next day it was kind of weird, I could sense something was off but not sure what it was. You went out with your friends leaving me all alone at your flat but I was fine with it that’s what I told myself not to cry or feel bad. You came back in the evening drunk and wanting sex.

Sunday came the day I was supposed to leave and you headed to work in the morning promising you would come back before I had to go but you didn’t.

So I left you one of my bracelet on the table in the kitchen with a note. I just knew it was kind of over.

We never broke up. We just went quite on each other.

Labyrinths beneath your beautiful inspired this blog post.


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Thinking about you Thinking about you

Thinking about the one person I should not being thinking of but when  the memories are so beautiful I can’t help thinking of you.

While I was busy writing this a text from you popped up on my phone screen, telling myself this is crazy Joe.

This very person has the power to change my mood in a minute, the kind of power I don’t want anyone to have over me. Everyday I tell myself no, no I can’t allow you back in mt life because it took me a while to get you out of my heart, mind and thoughts.

So weird I’m what you need and you are what I need, we are like music together. At the same time my days are cold without you like a winter morning and I can’t keep running back to you, maybe we best at being friends.

You know the effect you have on me, like a piece of cake sweet but the long term effects being bad for me.

Guess I’m destined to always write about you and my ever so confusing feelings for you.