My WeeK

My First

First time I’m reflecting on my week for the year 2018 and I must say I really have missed doing this it’s like therapy for me.

Let’s get straight into…

My feelings for you (bae)


I must confess I have missed you more then I thought I would, not seeing or feeling your lips have been like torture to me but a part of me is busy giving up on us. Sometimes you just know when to walk away from a situation before it causes more  damage to you. Maybe I’m just over thinking things and this is how relationship go sometimes but a part of me is telling me something else.



One of my happy places makes me feel like Olivia Pope way I fixed the shit out of it lol watching scandal payed of after all. We had this Nedbank Kapana cook off on Friday and my team was not ready at all, it was crazy I was panicking but my team was like   “we got this let’s just have fun”. We walked away with the 3rd prize I must admit it was exciting. Also love the way I ended the week on a high note with a great interview I had with Helena who was the drive personality on my show for the week,  her energy gave me live.

My superhero for the week

My Mom, this woman keeps me grounded. When I find myself in a situation I always ask myself what would my mom do. I’m so thankful to have an amazing mother like you. You give me my strength not to give up and to always have  a kind heart.

Lessons learned

To live in the moment.

To be thankful for what I have.

Not to be afraid to try out new things.

Not to trust people completely.

To be careful of people.




Growth and development and implementation.

Learning not to let my emotions control my reponses.

Owning next week, every single day is a blessing and a chance for rebirth.


My Peaceful Week

My Peaceful Week

Another reflects on a week that has passed. This was one of my most peaceful Weeks I had which is so weird for me. This week also marked our term break for College.

Let me break it down..

I have been in totally control of my feelings this week, that of people I like and used to liked.

People have a way of showing their feelings towards you without saying a word, it’s true the eyes are the windows of a person’s soul and I have seen yours this week.


I don’t feel like touching on work this week, no weird story to share unfortunately just my colleagues being crazy fun individuals.


This week I’m including College because we are officially on break and this is one really long. It was a fantastic first term passed all of my classes and got 3rd position all over in class for this term but wanted first place. Just happy my friend is number 1 for this term, friendship goals.
Will miss all of my life loving class mates, hope you guys will make crazy memories this break and have some amazing sex please.

Crush of the week

Another week is passing by and I’m still crush on you idiot, laughing with you is the second best part of my day. Lastly thanks for keeping it real KN.

Superhero of the week

The most unexpected person is my food superhero *laugh* since last week I have be craving cake and koeksister 😊. So I ask my Co host to buy me a slice of cake and he say no however to my surprise he was waiting for me with cake at work guys I swear this single handily made my weekend. A dark,soft chocolate cake slice, with sweet jam in the inside and with every bite came an orgasm in my mouth leaving me wanting more and more, the power of cake. All thanks to my food superhero Kotjii.

Lessons learned

Not to be afraid to give into my feelings,  you only live once.
The importance of being thankful for the  people in my live.
Liking someone is okay, as long as it doesn’t hurt you in the process or makes you unhappy in any way.
Only move on when you are ready even if the other person has moved on already because your feelings are not the same and you don’t share the same journey. Wait till you are ready then close it off with your own time.


Growth is always on the agenda every week.

Being happy without a reason.

You have 7 days, you can spend them unhappy, complaining about life or you can take those days and turn them into days of gratitude.

Learn to celebrate your life every day because it’s a gift and the best way to spend a gift is by enjoying it.