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My Spring Feelings

I hate the part when you have to start over with someone from the beginning, the small conversational starters but then you find someone who makes this process of getting to know each other so easy and fun that you don’t notice that you are letting the person in slowly. The conversation is so good you forget about everything around you including turning off your data (we all know how expensive data is ) but the fact that you are scared that if you turn it off you would miss their reply which can kill the whole conversation so you just wait and wait.

Now this has been the case with me last week, found someone who I could have a decent conversation with and I’m not talking about the “good morning or good night text” type of conversion but the kind that makes you smile and scared because you feel like you are over sharing now but when that person responds with the same energy which makes you not want to over think by the way I do that a lot.

When you don’t hear anything from the person and would go and check their last seen on WhatsApp and sometimes you would find them online but they not texting. You feel like maybe just maybe they are busy.

You tell yourself this was just conversation so not to get ideas and that’s what I told myself. Guess I was right about not waiting or getting attached to you, maybe you were that spring break I needed, something colorful, beautiful and to make me laugh.Just imagine we didn’t even meet in person. I loved your honesty in our conversations, your realism was refreshing like the breeze in the morning not too cold.

And I’m not sure if I like you or  not but the moment was just too overwhelming to think about that because I was taking it one reply at a time knowing sooner or later it would stop whether it was from your end or mine


Feels like you were that flower that was blown into my hands by mistake.

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Keep The Fire Burning

I must say keeping the fire burning is one the most difficult things to do sometimes in a relationship especially if you were dating for a long time,  things just start to get boring which is a normal part of any relationship but you should be able to keep the fire burning it may not be easy but it’s do-able.

I always try to keep things as fun as possible and the best part is that sometimes my partner does the most which catches me off guard. Mind you my partner was not the most romantic person but had moments sometimes.

For me a relationship is just like making a fire, it’s not easy to get it started sometimes cause there is a lot of factors involved like the type of wood, cutting the wood and finally bringing it together to make a fire. The thing with a fire is that you need to put wood on to keep the fire going, just like in a relationship you need to put in effort no off days. Nothing feels as good as being kept warm by the flames of your fire, just like those passionate moments when your bodies are intertwined together.  Sometimes it’s  absolutely fine to let the flames go down to enjoy the warmth of the coals and the heat they provide.

Here are a couple of things I do to keep the fire burning in my relationship and hopefully it can also work for you.

1. Stop taking your partner for granted, always try to celebrate your partner. Always try to send a random text at random times.

 2. Take each other on surprise dates.
Planning “date nights” and let me tell you date night works, it’s still  a thing especially if you want to spend some time alone just to reconnect again and make it as fun as possible. Our date nights are always crazy and I like that. So let’s agree that “date night” is most certainly important.

 3. Dedicate a couple of hours a week without electronics.

I can see people making faces as they are  read this. I have noticed at first how much time we spend on our phones when we are together to the point that when my partner is speaking and I’m not listening to a single word, till I challenged us to spend less time on our phones when we are together. Now we are using that  precious time engaging in a meaningful conversation or just make fun of each other.

 4. Have more sex.

I’m sure you were waiting on this one *laugh* try to make it as random as possible, don’t wait for the bed to do it, nothing feels as good as surprise sex, having your breath knocked out of your body as you searching for more air in the mouth of your partner while holding on as tight as you can to their body. Do in the shower, do it in the car , do in the kitchen, do in a public rest room, you get the idea just do it shamelessly and you welcome to try that move you saw in a porn video. You will thank me later and remember there will be many times when one of you is in the mood to have sex when the other isn’t.

 5. Always kiss or hug your partner hello.

Nothing feels as good as having their body pressed against yours and feeling the warmth of it. Having your lips locked together while your tongues are fighting for domination in each others mouth. Hell, some people probably have sheets and pillowcases with the phrase on it. Yes, it is very important to kiss the one you love.

That’s how I used to keep the fire burning in my relationship and keep in mind its never easy there are days we both busy and can’t do date night but we still find a way to do something together. So this winter make sure you have enough firewood to keep that fire burning.

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My Naked Weekend

This was one of those unplanned moments that just fell into place perfect.

Babe’s eagerness to please me was simply beautiful, as we got some ingredients for dinner I could see how nervously babe was happy.

Back home the cooking started with some new rules for the night from Babe ” tonight we are watching movies in a different way and you are not allowed to fight me on this one” babe said,  this got me really nervous to find out what rules are these and babe continues with the rules for the night “We will watch the movies naked completely naked no clothes on” for a moment there I couldn’t believe what babe just said turning to get my head around it because I was never naked in front of another person but I agreed to the rules of the buildings night which lit babe’s face up like a Christmas tree.

Music, the sound of me chopping up the onions, wine being poured in the glass and our lips making the first connection of the night felt like with every kiss I wanted more.

My favourite place in world is babe’s arms, I  refer to it as my Paris, my happy place.

As we sit down on opposite side to watch the first movie while have dinner. Babe ” you are way too far from me” just those words made me realise I was with the right person, in the right moment.

We both still fully dress, till babe jumps up in front of me with a naughty smile started to remove his clothes starting with the t-shirt and ending with the hot pants. I swear I couldn’t focus on the movie anymore with this beautiful wonder of nature standing completely up  naked sharing with me the most intimate part and in the process breaking down the walls I have built one brick at a time.

Coming to sit next to me saying no pressure only do it if you feel comfortable. Thinking myself should I do this or no? And I already knew the answer to the question a clean yes. As I start to undressed myself nervously…smiling but deep down knowing that this is what I want.

Couldn’t believe I was sitting naked, butt naked and loving every moment of it with my person. My eyes were more on babe’s body than the movie. As I travelled babe’s body with my eyes, visiting every amazing part of it not wanting to miss out on a single part till I made my final stop my favourite part of the body, lips. I softly pressed my lips on babe’s lips as I was awaiting permission to enter babe’s mouth, our tongues meet and it was fireworks in our mouths. That kiss felt like a movie strong, powerful yet passionately soft with an element of laughter.

Sitting completely naked in each others hands, being at our most vulnerable, ready to seeing each other scars and loving how imperfect we are.

Weirdly enough that was one of my best sex free experience.

Getting lost in each others body but not filled with lust for it.

That night our bodies united in to one without sex being involved.

Love is a beautiful ride with ups and downs accompanied by amazing twist and turns. Make sure your riding mate is ready and prepared for the journey.

PS love every part of your amazing body. It’s the perfect gift for my eyes.

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The Ingredients For A Healthy Relational

A week

A month

6 months

A year

Maybe just maybe a lifetime.

But the truth is only you can determine how long it will last because this is an emotional investment you are making with another person. Possibly one of the biggest ones you can make because nothing hurts more like a broken heart.

Questions many of us ask before entering a new relationship. How long before my heart gets broken? How many happiness moments we will shared before we start fighting about silly things? How sure are we that this is the right person for us or are we just gambling with our hearts in the hopes that it be just end up being the right person because life is a game after all.

Here are a couple of factors that can determine how long your relationship will last. The first one being


Communication, communication I can’t stress this enough because this is how you strength your bond with your person and I’m not referring to the good morning text or the good night text but sharing something really personal which will also build trust within the relationship, especially if you are really serious about the relationship. There is nothing a like little lie to break up what you are trying to build with your person. There should be a no secret rule in your relationship this will bring you closer together.

This may be hard in the start believe me it’s not as easy as I’m writing it now.

So talk more about your goals, your dreams to show the person  that there is a place for them in your life just not only  in the present moment but also in the near future.

The sex

Let’s be honest that sex is one of the most important factor of any relationship because with sex your connection gets deeper with your person. You are sharing a secret part of your body with another person so deep that your souls are connected in the process. Happy Couples have great sex and not boring funless sex which leads to the person wanting to experiment outside of relationship. One thing to never do is to be shy in the bedroom, I know it may be hard but it’s not impossible to do. Try role playing once in a while to keep the fire alive.

The family and friends factor

Now this is the one that can make or break your relationship depending how much influence you allow them to have. It’s okay for your family and friends advice you on the person but don’t allow it to cloud your judgement or for you to make a decision based on their opinion. No relationship comes without baggage just like no person comes without a past. Everyone has the ability to change for better, it just takes the right person to do that sometimes. So learn to separate your relation from each other, if they go well together even better for you. One last thing to keep in mind is that your friends and family don’t have to be best friends with your person but they just have to be civilize towards one another.

The money factor

Let’s me honest this has cause many relationships to end on bitter note. When you are in a relationship with someone it’s both your responsibility to treat each other. If you are really serious about the future of your relationship you should try to work on this already slowly. As much as you want to spend on the person try to save together as a couple for a treat.

The love factor

When love is true and real happiness is the order of the day. Nothing kills you more than being in a loveless relationship,  forcing feelings onto someone that doesn’t want to put in the same amount of work and time into the relationship. This is the kind of stress and pain you don’t want or need in your life. We all deserve to experience true love in our life so don’t rob yourself of this amazing experience by being in a wrong relationship. When love is there it just makes things a lot easier.

Without love there is no relationship.

Last factor being “FUN”

This is so important!!! Fun moments are needed in any relationship so don’t deny yourself this part of the relationship. Play with each other because laughter is one of the best medicine,  like the saying goes “make them laugh and they are yours already”.

Those just some of the ingredients you need for a healthy long strong and loving relationship.

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My innocence almost robbed

After a long day of classes,  chasing assignments deadlines.  I decided to go to Base FM to finish one of my assignments, the process took a little bit long than I thought it would with the computer acting up on me but I was able to finish it around 22:30.
As I step out I could feel the cool breeze in the air as I cross the road to look for a taxi to take me home.
I swear that was the longest wait of the entire life. The street so so quiet the only sound was that of dogs playing in the street.
I looked left, right and left again but no sign of a taxi coming.. finally a couple of they come by but none of were going to where I’m staying.
I continue to wait but in the distance I see a group of boys coming my way, holding my water bottle tight in my hands as they are getting closer and closer, a taxi comes by hoping and praying that this will be the one that will say yes but it was just a another no.
My heart beats faster and faster like a ticking clock,  the the group of boys just standing across the road from me talking amongst each other while looking at me.
The cold breeze hits my face, I couldn’t feel my dry lips at all, with wild thoughts running through my mind
*PS not the song of DJ Khalah lol

But back to the story.
For a second I wanted to run back to Base FM but could not move my feet to do the action. They start to walk away from where I was standing. A breath of relief hit my chest,  as I slowly let go of my water bottle, in that moment a taxi come by who was willing to take me home
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Wild Thoughts in the Taxi

So today’s taxi ride was like no other, like it’s the first time I didn’t want to get of the taxi.. Wait I’m lying but back to the story.

Just to get things straight from the start no we didn’t have sex in the taxi because that would just be crazy like really crazy but I won’t mind doing it in a taxi in the future. Nevertheless it felt like I was having sex with this person in the taxi.

Rewind really quickly so I got on to this taxi from work back home, I just jumped in not noticing the person sitting next to me in the taxi. Smile

So this is where it gets juicy, the person was sitting in the middle and out of nowhere just opened their legs, pressing it against mine for me it was nothing weird cause the taxi was not that big and my mind was on some shit I wanted to tell this ass hole at work so I didn’t notice the person till I turned my head towards the person just to look right into the person’s eyes.

Damn!!!! Lips for days just too much sauce on those lips *laugh* I had to control myself but the person was not making it easy at all. When the taxi turned I could feel the person’s strong arms pressing against mine in a soft manner which I liked, I won’t lie.

The person kept looking at me in a very sexual way, like I was a sweet banana ready to be peel. So I also played along and could not stop it.

It’s like we were having sex with our eyes while our clothes were still on our bodies but in my mind I was about to reach the climax with a smile on my face.

And yes all of this took place in my mind on my way home with a hot complete stranger sitting next to me, okay not that hot now *laugh*