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Who Am I

All these thoughts are running through my mind,  so many questions, I’m scared to be myself or I’m scared of what people will say when I’m myself however I’m not sure when I’m myself.

Guess I have been fooling myself all this time, knowing that there is a part of me that no body knows about including myself.

The process is so hard, people make it seems so easy using the words find yourself, know yourself, it’s so freaking crazy.

There is this part of me that I have been keeping to myself,  because I have always believed that I don’t want to add my problems to people even if it’s my own family. I would rather hear their problems and try to help them.

I wish I knew what it means to be true to yourself or maybe I just scared to be myself around people.  The world is not ready to meet the person I’m  meant to be. For now I’m just going to be Joe.


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