My Grade 10 Experience

Not so long still remember the day I got my results. It was a Wednesday me and my friends took my mom to the train station cause she was travelling to Karasburg, on our way back we went to check our results at the regional office and I was super nervous. I walked over to my school’s name and check for my name no # it must be a mistake I can’t fail I  looked closer it was just a 22 couldn’t move for a moment till my friends started screaming yes, yes! It’s a pass. They looked at me and said stop playing you pass right?  I told them no they walked over to make sure. The walk home was weiri quiet .

I got home started cleaning the house like nothing is wrong then it hit me when I got a text from my cousin did you pass? Starting breaking down crying uncontrollable I think it was for about a good 30mins of crying because I did study hard but clearly not hard enough. What hurt more was the ” it’s going to be okay” ” it’s not the end of the world” but it was my end of the world.

Come January was not sure what to do first I wanted a remark but then a good friend just told me to go to Namcol. I was so confused but I did go to Namcol and to be honest that was the best year of my life not the easiest by any means.

The next year I was back at school grade 11 even got a B in history lol.

I’m sharing my story with you just to show you that failure doesn’t define you and you shouldn’t allow it to define who you will become in life. Cry if you have to get it out of your system. I know the pain it’s not easy but it gets better and better.

Congratulations to those who passed.


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