Emotional Roller Coaster of a (a late post)

First time I’m reflecting on my week because this one was so different, saw people’s true colours ,what I mean to them and being made aware of my position in their lives.

Let’s get straight into…

My feelings for you

When this week started I never imagined it will end like this with my feelings all over the place, questioning people’s role in my life, the love for what I’m doing, and my feelings for You. Truly thought this week would be the one that I stop liking you for all the wrong reasons, that your name wouldn’t cross my lips however I know I’m not in love with you,  knowing that my heart is save from you gives me peace or is this a lie I tell myself when you cross my mind 5 times a day or it could be stupidly. The hot flashes I get when you are around me, your body gets me thinking dirty thoughts, think this is one of the ways you are busy leaving my system.


Had some work drama this week all because of a tweet I sent and shit got real but I handled it the Olivia Pope way I fixed the shit out of it lol watching scandal payed of after all however I was in the wrong and let’s just leave it there.

One more thing I got the best colleagues this doesn’t include all of them by the way and the craziest, sweetest boss ever.

My crush of the week

Yes! I had one this week with an amazing voice. Thanks to a friend who dragged me to an event which was worth going to. So back to my crush cute is not the right word to use for this person, I need a new word. When the person when on stage to sing, that was the highlight of my, a beautiful voice made me realise why I came and just what I needed in that very moment. As always I was so shy couldn’t get a word out but got the name at least and now we are friends on Facebook.

Not my type I realise this later.

My superhero for the week

My extra friend Nashawn, the word extra doesn’t describe this soul of a person but  he made this week so fun and crazy for me. Thanks for being there, for caring and for the support.
Next weekend is your time to shine, I’m sure that Nama award is already yours because I voted my ass off for you.

Lessons learned

To live in the moment.
To ignore my feelings for you.
Not to trust people completely.
Stop giving fuck.
To be careful of people.
Open up a little because I’m very shy.
Most importantly to have an open mind to learn something new every day.
Always choose happiness and peace of mind.


Growth on a personal, educational, work level.

And Yes! I’m ready to love and to be loved.

Owning next week, every single day is a blessing and a chance for rebrith.


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