We all need that love story to be true

Yes, could 2017 be the year of real true love? A love that is so strong that allows us to be vulnerable and to show a different side. Love only occurs when you allow it to, I know falling is really a scaring feeling but you will not know unless you try. Some scars are worth all the trouble in the end because happiness is a road full of roses with thorns, sometimes you will get hurt but that will teach you to be careful next time. We should always keep in mind that love doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to grow into what you want it to be.

Love is not measured by how soon you say the word or how fast you take your clothes off for someone or how expensive the gifts you buy are, love is one of those cheap things we all can afford to buy but if it comes with a price tag then it’s not love. This may sound stupid but the true measure of love is not giving up on your partner, always being around without saying a word, being their life saver when they need one and most importantly listening with understanding in order to communicate effectively.

Never forget to love yourself because in most cases we forget to love ourselves while in the process of falling in love, only then can you give yourself fully to the next person.

In most case we all don’t experience that love we want and need but don’t let that stop you from experiencing this wonderful thing called love, there is a rock for you in the sea, it takes time for it to reach the beach, in the meantime play in the sand get your feet wet, feel the cold water between your toes. Live life and don’t wait to fall in love.

We all want to wake up to a beautiful smile next to us, a passionate kiss for breakfast, an ear that never gets tired to hear our voices. Know that you are loved for who you are and not what you have or how you look.

Let’s be brave enough this year to falling love and live the love story you have been dreaming off or reading about it in books, let that movie be yours. Let’s say goodbye to being a booty call or the side piece on the plate.

Let’s be drunk in love for 2017.


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