The Moment has arrived

For the last month we have been eating and talking Namibian music because of the Namibian Annual Music Awards 2017, artists, journalists and radio presenters have been campaigning like never before, the whole process was exciting for all involved. The feeling of not knowing if you have done enough or if people really voted for you like they have said is so nerve wrecking.

Most certainly I also voted for my favorites like crazy and just hope they remember me when they drop their winning words that night.

As much as the Namibian Annual Music Awards celebrate artists and their music, we should not forget the role radio stations and newspapers play in building the music industry. It’s satisfactory enough that there are categories for ‘best entertainment journalists’ and ‘radio DJ of the year’ but NAMA organisers should look into creating categories for radio stations that play the most local music and that create opportunities for local artists in terms of free interviews, this will push radio stations in the country to focus more on Namibian music also. The same applies for print media as well. This way we can expect more stories from upcoming artists, the already establish ones and allowing journalists to tell creative stories about Namibian music. This will in turn create healthy competition and it’s just a heads up for the Namas organizers to take up and look into.

When I saw the list of artists who will be performing at the awards I was like Yes! New faces, new voices, a couple of old ones, I love the whole mix up of performers for this year, particularly the all-female element. Looking forward to Adora’s first Namas solo performance, Doris gives me life can’t wait to see what she brings to the NAMA stage and lastly the lady that killed it last year Female Donkey. We have another reunion on the NAMA stage this year Raphael & Pele. These guy were one of the reason I love ma // music, truly hope they will burn down the stage with their electrifying dance moves.


By now the nervous have kicked in. The moment is officially here just make sure you look your best and most importantly you have tons of fun. Remember to network because that is what the NAMA event  is about making connection, finding love and making money.


To all nominates you are all winners, *laugh* but for real it’s not the number of awards that define your worth but the long lasting impact your work had on people.

Let’s celebrate Namibian Music this weekend like never before, by the way what is the theme for this year’s award if you know tweet it to me @Joe1orr.


Emotional Roller Coaster of a (a late post)

First time I’m reflecting on my week because this one was so different, saw people’s true colours ,what I mean to them and being made aware of my position in their lives.

Let’s get straight into…

My feelings for you

When this week started I never imagined it will end like this with my feelings all over the place, questioning people’s role in my life, the love for what I’m doing, and my feelings for You. Truly thought this week would be the one that I stop liking you for all the wrong reasons, that your name wouldn’t cross my lips however I know I’m not in love with you,  knowing that my heart is save from you gives me peace or is this a lie I tell myself when you cross my mind 5 times a day or it could be stupidly. The hot flashes I get when you are around me, your body gets me thinking dirty thoughts, think this is one of the ways you are busy leaving my system.


Had some work drama this week all because of a tweet I sent and shit got real but I handled it the Olivia Pope way I fixed the shit out of it lol watching scandal payed of after all however I was in the wrong and let’s just leave it there.

One more thing I got the best colleagues this doesn’t include all of them by the way and the craziest, sweetest boss ever.

My crush of the week

Yes! I had one this week with an amazing voice. Thanks to a friend who dragged me to an event which was worth going to. So back to my crush cute is not the right word to use for this person, I need a new word. When the person when on stage to sing, that was the highlight of my, a beautiful voice made me realise why I came and just what I needed in that very moment. As always I was so shy couldn’t get a word out but got the name at least and now we are friends on Facebook.

Not my type I realise this later.

My superhero for the week

My extra friend Nashawn, the word extra doesn’t describe this soul of a person but  he made this week so fun and crazy for me. Thanks for being there, for caring and for the support.
Next weekend is your time to shine, I’m sure that Nama award is already yours because I voted my ass off for you.

Lessons learned

To live in the moment.
To ignore my feelings for you.
Not to trust people completely.
Stop giving fuck.
To be careful of people.
Open up a little because I’m very shy.
Most importantly to have an open mind to learn something new every day.
Always choose happiness and peace of mind.


Growth on a personal, educational, work level.

And Yes! I’m ready to love and to be loved.

Owning next week, every single day is a blessing and a chance for rebrith.


Connection failed

You know when you meet someone for the first time and they are almost what you want but there is no real connection or I have just been down playing it for a while.

That awkward moment when we both look at each, caught in the moment for a short while but there is a problem I have not seen the persons feet yet because I’m a feet lover.

Long story short….

The person rocks up yesterday gives my friend a hug and walks up to me, I asked “I’m also getting a hug” to my surprise the person said yes come here and the person is a really good hugger. Feeling the heat of the person against my body was weirdly nice , leaving me wondering what the kiss would be like but it’s just one of those people you just  want to be friends with.


I’m so confused

I know I can’t have you but you make me want you knowing that you are in a position which doesn’t allow you to have me.
Thinking about you has become second nature however I’m fighting my feelings that are already there. I ask myself “how did this happen” why me ? Then I see your smile ,I have my answer and the way you light up when you smile leaves me weak to the point that I can’t stand on my own.  Your laugh is music to my ears, your voice is medicine to my soul, all I need is a little bit but could this very same medicine be the death of me? Are you busy killing me slowly? I’m turning into a  victim of love. The way you look at me makes me feel like I’m the only boy in the world, I’m your Eiffel Tower if you only allow me to light up your world. My perfect moment is when you look at me, the way you do without saying a word,  the way our eyes meet and connect for a moment is just the two of us. I call it our language because no one else gets it but us.
When you touch me it feels like my body is melting in your hands, you are the fire my body needs to stay warm at the same time I’m scared that this very fire can burn me out. My lips can’t simply forget yours, the fire I felt when our lips met for the first time, felt like I was falling from a high building and you were right there to catch me, your kisses set my lips on fire and now you want to kill it. I was fine without you, why did you ask me about my feelings, knowing you can’t keep the fire burning that you have started. Hating you has crossed my mind like the wind blowing on a cold winter morning but then my heart is heated up by your voice like the sun heats up the earth on a cold afternoon.
Why are we fighting this? I’m ready to fall for you completely but I’m not sure you will be there to catch me.
It kills me slowly when you ask me to stop thinking about you in that way.
If you can’t be happy with me, I hope you will be happy with the person you with. Your happiness is my favourite season, seeing you laugh is my summer, seeing you smile is my spring.
Could this be the end to my short lived fairytale?

We all need that love story to be true

Yes, could 2017 be the year of real true love? A love that is so strong that allows us to be vulnerable and to show a different side. Love only occurs when you allow it to, I know falling is really a scaring feeling but you will not know unless you try. Some scars are worth all the trouble in the end because happiness is a road full of roses with thorns, sometimes you will get hurt but that will teach you to be careful next time. We should always keep in mind that love doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to grow into what you want it to be.

Love is not measured by how soon you say the word or how fast you take your clothes off for someone or how expensive the gifts you buy are, love is one of those cheap things we all can afford to buy but if it comes with a price tag then it’s not love. This may sound stupid but the true measure of love is not giving up on your partner, always being around without saying a word, being their life saver when they need one and most importantly listening with understanding in order to communicate effectively.

Never forget to love yourself because in most cases we forget to love ourselves while in the process of falling in love, only then can you give yourself fully to the next person.

In most case we all don’t experience that love we want and need but don’t let that stop you from experiencing this wonderful thing called love, there is a rock for you in the sea, it takes time for it to reach the beach, in the meantime play in the sand get your feet wet, feel the cold water between your toes. Live life and don’t wait to fall in love.

We all want to wake up to a beautiful smile next to us, a passionate kiss for breakfast, an ear that never gets tired to hear our voices. Know that you are loved for who you are and not what you have or how you look.

Let’s be brave enough this year to falling love and live the love story you have been dreaming off or reading about it in books, let that movie be yours. Let’s say goodbye to being a booty call or the side piece on the plate.

Let’s be drunk in love for 2017.