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The transformation of Namibian Music in 2016

Can we agree on this point? This year our artists have showed the rest of the African continent that they have arrived and are here to shake things up. When one Namibian artist is nominated, that artist represent the rest of the country whether they win or lose, just the fact that it creates a platform for networking and to get our name out there. We had The Dogg who was the first Namibian artist to be nominated for the MTV MAMA Awards 2016 this was a real big thing, though he didn’t win but everybody was talking about him, he’s name is out there. It’s not always about the win but what you do with your nomination. Sally wining an award for best female Southern African at the All African Music Awards was a perfect way to close off the year 2016. Let’s take a moment to talk about the quality of local music videos and the views they have been getting on YouTube it’s absolutely crazy. That’s what we wanted all along, creativity goes a long way in making a video, as well as beautiful sites which we are not short of in Namibian.

If you want a high quality music video be prepare to put money into it. Trace Africa has been playing more Namibian music videos and our artists are killing it on the Trace chart.  The more time you invest in making a quality video, you are busy creating a hit because in most cases the video makes the song a hit. No forgetting the Namibian Annual Music Awards has also been doing a great job in terms of awarding well established and upcoming artists this year. I think it’s about time radio stations get together to host an award ceremony for local artists because at the rate our local industry is growing at, it is impossible to only have one. That is something for station managers to think about.

The year 2016 has truly being about celebrating Namibian Music and Showing the African continent that we are here and we didn’t come to play. This year we have also welcomed amazing new talent to the mix. Let’s work together to make 2017 bigger and great for Namibian Music, Yes!      Continue reading “The transformation of Namibian Music in 2016”


Are we celebrating our local artists enough?

That is the question each one of us should be asking ourselves. Radio presenters have a great part to play in this case, as a presenter you are in control of your playlist, you decide which artists you want to play on your program. Do we as radio presenters take time to listen to local music as much as we listen to international artists songs, we have the power to create a hit song because that song that is a hit now was once unknown, till it was started to be played on radio. You have a local upcoming artists with a great song possible a massive hit but it’s not played because this artist is unknown and we as radio presenters and DJ’s want to play the well-known artists. We need to put laziness and favoritism a side and start to celebrate and play all of our local artists. We seems to forget it’s our job as radio presenters to introduce new artists and songs to our listeners.

Local artists should also starting having listening session with radio presenters before they release their album for feedback and input, these are the people who will be playing your music on their programs and share it on their social media platforms, so why not involve them from the start. As we are trying to build a standard for Namibian music cross the board. Artists also have a responsibility to market themselves and their music, you can’t come and drop an album off at a radio station and expect it to be played, and we have a lot of these cases at Base FM. I always encourage artists to book for an interview so they can introduce the album or single to their fans and sell their brand. Artists need to start thinking beyond the borders of Namibia in terms of getting their music played on African radio station. How are you selling your brand as a Namibian artist? Every local artist must have a twitter and YouTube account its how you put yourself out there for the world to see.  If you don’t have one please after reading this article go and open one and don’t let it be ghost account, we have a lot of those, this is one of the way how you stay relevant. Radio presenters play more local music across the broad, listeners request more local jams and artists give us something worth playing over and over. Let’s create great hits that will be still be played 5 years later, let’s celebrate Namibian Music because local is lekker.


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